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Since 1971, the Peninsula Wrestling Club (PWC), a non-profit organization has promoted the personal development of thousands of young people, from many races and economic statuses. The Peninsula Wrestling Club is sanctioned by USA Wrestling, and has been honored as a “Gold Medal Club”-- Roy Pittman is one of the few “Gold” level certified coaches in the United States.


All wrestlers who want to learn are welcome to join us. Our club members range in age from 4 to 18, but it’s not unusual for some of our former members to return for a practice or to help coach. Through wrestling, we strive to develop adults who are able to deal with the challenges of everyday life by learning to make the “right” choice. We believe that self-discipline, self-direction, leadership, and sportsmanship teaches our wrestlers to distinguish the difference between happiness and pleasure, and how to deal with adversity and with the “unfair.”


Everyone is looking for a hero and someone to look up to, but all they have to do is look in the mirror. We teach people to see the hero and champion in themselves.

The Peninsula Wrestling Club provides a safe supportive, supervised, loving environment to meet the developmental needs of young people today.  Kids of today are just getting started in the search for themselves and for answers to a lot of the questions that we all ask ourselves in life.  Through practicing and competing, the boys and girls learn to interact with their peers, regardless of cultural or economic backgrounds, to teach and learn from others, make decisions, think under pressure and answer a lot of the unanswered questions that they might have had.

Our club has many benefits for the body both physically, mentally and spiritually. Physically through calisthenics they learn the development of their body, working of muscles, flexibility, endurance, self control and how to compete. Mentally, they learn to interact with their peers, self-confidence, self-discipline, respect, sportsmanship and self-esteem. Spiritually they learn to love, give and believe. 

 Our club also offers every person a chance to experience joy, fun gratitude, appreciation tenderness, love, accomplishment and victory as well as pain, sadness, fear, loneliness and to act spontaneously.  With in our wrestling club young people find in themselves the capabilities and commitments to make positive choices and changes in their lives. We step outside of conventional guidelines to make sure of true success. The stronger we are as individuals and families, the stronger we are as a nation.  We are a large comprehensive family program.

Our commitment is also deep. We are dedicated to helping cultivate the well being of all people.  As times goes on people and their lives change. What doesn’t change is our commitment to young people. We make sure that they have success and their current individual needs are met.  Our club was created and designed to give kids, parents and families a wide range of awareness, flexibility, convenience and security.  We have been tried, tested and adjusted to meet the needs of all.

In addition to our excellent coaching staff, wrestling champions such as Les Gutches, Matt Lindland, Randy Courture, Anthony Amado, Broderick Lee, Zeke Jones, or World Cup Coach Donnie McPherson sometimes come visit us and coach a practice or two. At PWC, you’ll receive some of the finest coaching available, and each wrestler is expected to give back and make his workout partners great!

All are welcome to become part of our family. Come practice with us. Visitors are always welcome! If you do choose to join our club, membership fees are kept to the bare minimum. If for any reason one of our members cannot afford to pay these fees or buy wrestling shoes or a singlet, scholarships or payment plans are always available. No one who wants to wrestle and be a part of our team is ever turned away.

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